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Mister Cee Resigns from Hot 97 Amidst Controversy
POSTED BY WLAS September 12th, 2013 0 COMMENTS

mr-cee-teaser Mister Cee has officially resigned from Hot 97, reports MTV.com. He told listeners on-air yesterday that he was resigning against the wishes of the station. “I have been denial with this for a very long time,” Cee told listeners, although he says he does not consider himself gay. He admits he’s addicted to strippers and transexual prostitutes and has received oral sex from them.

The legendary DJ, who has worked with rappers including Big Daddy Kane and The Notorious B.I.G., took to his daily show on NY radio this afternoon to announce his departure.

“Today is my last day on Hot 97…In reality, I kind of knew this day would come,” said Cee.

The announcement came several hours after audio was posted of him allegedly soliciting sex from a popular cross-dressing video-blogger named Bimbo Winehouse. Winehouse said he was dressed in drag and turned on his phone after he was picked up off the street by a certain New York DJ with a penchant for male prostitutes. The pair drive around and negotiated prices, settling on $100 for sex, before the man drops Winehouse off on the street without anything happening. The cross-dresser said he recorded the video “about a week or two ago.”

Fans were shocked by Cee leaving a station that he helped to shape over the past two decades. “Damn mister cee’s last day djing #hot97 smh,” tweeted J Mula. “mister cee has been part of some of the greatest hip-hop ever. he quit @hot97 today. all that should matter is the music. just leave him be,” added Waffles Media.

Many felt that the admission meant that Cee had indeed solicited Winehouse’s services. “Mister Cee is on Hot97 right now talking about his resignation ,that means that audio/video was really him,” The 23 chimed in.

This is not the first allegation of this kind. Earlier this summer, Cee came under fire for supposedly picking up a male prostitute in New York. Cee went on the air to denounce the rumors that he was gay and instead, claimed that he picked up a cop he thought was a female prostitute.

“I am not gay,” Mister Cee told program director Ebro Darden on the station’s morning show. Cee further explained that the NYPD and media were blowing the entire thing out of proportion. “They tried to turn it around and say the female officer was a male officer. It was a sting operation,” said Cee.

Today, Cee admitted that he has made mistakes that have hurt Hot 97, without going into any detail at the time. “I’m far form perfect. I have made my mistakes…I love this station with all my heart.”

What do you think? Does Mister Cee’s sexual preference matter?

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