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Watch: The Video In the Keith Lamont Scott Shooting
POSTED BY WLAS September 26th, 2016 0 COMMENTS


OK Charlotte-Mecklenberg Police Department; Chief Kerr Putney; Mayor Jennifer Roberts and NC Governor Pat McCrory, in the words of Desi Arnaz, y’all go some ‘splainin’ to do. That’s because new footage of the police killing of Keith Lamont Scott went viral this weekend.

This new video shows a different angle from the ones released by Charlotte police and local/state authorities and clearly shows Scott walking backwards with his hands at his sides before his death. Again, if he had a gun, it’s not seen in the video.


Scott was killed by police September 20, which led to riots in Charlotte. Governor Pat McCrory has since declared a state of emergency in the city, imposing a citywide curfew from midnight to 6am.

Scott’s family said that he was simply sitting in his car reading a book when police ordered him out of the car and killed him. Police contended that he had been carrying a handgun. This new footage, however, seems to suggest that Scott was not carrying a weapon.

Here’s what we reported earlier …

After intense pressure, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg police department released some of the tapes of the fatal shooting of Keith Lamont Scott, which has sparked days of protests across the city. The announcement was made on Saturday by Police Chief Kerr Putney. He also said that other footage will come later.

Via the dash cam video, Scott is seen exiting his car. He then walks backwards out of view of the camera and then four shots are heard. Viewers are still not able to tell if there is anything in his hands. Meanwhile, if you’re wondering, the actual shooting is neither seen nor heard in the body cam footage.

Also, Officer Brentley Vinson, identified by police as the shooter, cannot be seen firing his weapon in either video.

The police announcement came after hundreds of people gathered in Charlotte’s Marshall Park demanding the release of the police video footage, marching peacefully under the hot sun, chanting and holding signs that said “Release the Tape.”

As we said up top, the Putney’s department was under pressure to release the tapes from the very beginning of the crises. Calls to show the footage intensified after Scott’s family released smart phone video of the moments leading up to and after the shooting Tuesday.

A woman identified as Scott’s wife, Rakeyia Scott, recorded the incident with her phone and the video was provided to ABC News on Friday by attorneys for the Scott family. In the video, Rakeyia Scott can be heard pleading with police to not shoot her husband, a 43-year-old black man, as officers order the man to “drop the gun.” As the encounter continues, the woman yells back at police, insisting her husband is harmless and doesn’t have a weapon.

“He doesn’t have a gun,” she says. “He has a T.B.I. [traumatic brain injury]. He’s not going to do anything to you guys. He just took his medicine.”

Police repeatedly scream at Keith Lamont Scott to “drop the gun” and, moments later, multiple gunshots ring out. The actual shooting is not shown on the video as Rakeyia Scott points her cellphone at the ground and screams, “Did you shoot him?” She then runs closer to the scene, angling the cellphone camera this time at the spot where her husband was shot. Scott’s body is seen lying in the street surrounded by several officers.

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